Torrent 3


Grip the Trails in a Lightweight Package

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The Hoka Torrent 3 is a neutral trail running shoe that offers a combination of comfort and lightweight performance. Designed for those who love to run off the beaten path, this Hoka trail running shoe delivers the uptempo ride that runners may want to incorporate in their weekly training regimen. The focus for the Torrent 3 are mid-distance trail runs (8-15 mile range), it’s a great choice for runners looking for a durable, supportive and lightweight shoe package.


Starting with the upper design, the Torrent 3 features sleek and bright colorway options, that are sure to turn heads on the trails. This new upper design balances adaptable comfort to each runner’s foot, and added structure where you need it. The upper is made of a breathable mesh material that provides ample ventilation through the toebox, keeping your feet cool and dry on even the hottest trail running adventures. The shoe also has a gusseted tongue that helps to keep out debris and prevent slippage through the midfoot, which can be a real issue on rocky/technical trails. The Hoka Torrent 3 upper offers a snug, comfortable fit. There’s also a padded collar and tongue for extra lockdown comfort, and the footbed is lined with a soft material that feels great against your skin. The heel counter is not plush, but padded enough for the two-hour efforts out on the trails.


The 5 mm midsole drop is made with Hoka’s proprietary Profly EVA foam (31 mm heel, 26 mm forefoot), which provides a comfortable, responsive ride, that’s dialed into a snappier foot strike and leg turnover. The Hoka Torrent 3 offers an early stage rocker design that encourages a natural, rolling gait cycle, which can help improve your running efficiency and reduce the risk of injury. Hoka is known for its highly cushioned shoes, and the Torrent 3 falls on the lower end of that spectrum. The midsole foam will absorb shock on the trails, but it is not overly cushioned understep. The result is a shoe that feels fast and nimble rather than big and bulky compared to other Hoka trail running shoes like the Stinson, Challenger ATR or Speedgoat line. 


Another standout feature of the Torrent 3 is its grip. Nestled under the midsole are fairly aggressive 4 mm multidirectional lugs with strategically placed sticky rubber for durable grip on all kinds of natural surfaces. The outsole is made of a durable rubber compound that provides excellent traction on wet and slippery surfaces. The lug construction are widely spaced, providing ample traction and stability on uneven terrain. In this update, HOKA has fine-tuned the rubber compound to be stickier and more durable than previous versions, allowing for excellent grip as you tear through rough or slippery trails. Whether you’re running up steep climbs or descending steep descents, the Torrent 3 has you covered for your next trail running adventure. 

Would I Buy This Shoe Again?

Finally, the Torrent 3 is a very durable shoe, with a sturdy construction that should last for many miles. Whether you’re running a 50-mile ultramarathon or simply enjoy going for long runs on the weekends, the Torrent 3 will stand up to the demands of your training. Although this Hoka trail running shoe is not at the top of my list, for the experience underfoot explained above, this trail option will certainly land well for many in 2023. And at the $130 price point, that’s a steal for a trail shoe option this day in age. 



  • Drop: 5mm
  • Stack: 23mm / 18mm
  • Weight: 8.3 oz / 237 g
    Mens (Size 9) – 8.7oz / 247g
    Womens (Size 8) – 7.5oz / 213g
  • Upper: Single layer mesh
  • Midsole: Profly
  • Durometer Shore C: 47-51 range
  • Outsole: Rubber

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  • Material: Single layer mesh
  • Tongue: Semi-gusset


  • Material: Profly
  • Durometer Shore C: 47-51 range


  • Material: Tacky Rubber
  • Feature: Multi-directional lugs

Commissions earned through the Running Warehouse Affiliate links help support this channel’s content creation.