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Hoka ROCKET X 2 PEBA Foam Launches Forward

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Hoka is back in the game! Welcome to the big stage Hoka Rocket X 2! This brand new carbon fiber plate racing shoe is an excellent half marathon and marathon shoe, that is well-suited for runners who are looking for a high-performance racer that can help them chase down PRs and PBs on the roads in 2023. With its sleek blue, green and yellow colorway, carbon fiber plate, and new PEBA Hoka cushioning, this shoe is sure to impress even the most discerning runners. If you are looking for a durable and softer midsole road racing shoe, the Hoka Rocket X 2 is definitely worth considering in your racing shoe rotation in 2023. 


Let’s start with the upper design. The Rocket X 2 upper material is a sleek synthetic mesh with a very flexible heel counter. No issues with rubbing on the heel through the 50 miles of testing the Hoka Rocket X 2. I’ll just add an idea, perhaps the Rocket X 3 could include a little extra padding through the heel counter?! The upper has a distinctive look, with a bold Hoka logo on the side and a colorful gradient pattern on the upper. The synthetic mesh allows for good breathability through the toebox, although not at the same level as the Saucony Endorphin Elite. I see this marathon racing shoe doing well in hot and humid conditions. Anyone racing a hot marathon this spring? Let us know in the comments. 


One of the standout features of the Rocket X 2 is the carbon plate embedded in the midsole. The plate provides a springy, responsive feel that propels the foot forward with each stride. This plate pairs so well with the softer midsole approach, more on that in a minute. The CFP technology is now part of all elite racing shoes and is designed to maximize efficiency and speed through your gait cycle. The carbon plate is also incredibly lightweight, adding minimal weight to the shoe. A unique feature of the CFP inside the PEBA midsole is a slot cut out underneath the forefoot. This feature allows for more power generation through the toeoff at the end of the gait cyle as you transition to your next step down the road.

In addition to the carbon plate, the Rocket X 2 introduces Hoka’s new foray into the PEBA midsole game. Boasting a buttery soft 34 on the durometer scale, I’ll just say, it felt soft understep; think of New Balance Supercomp Elite. The midsole is made of a proprietary foam that is soft and responsive, providing excellent shock absorption and energy return. The Hoka Rocket X 2 midsole foam is designed to reduce fatigue and wear and tear on the legs and feet, allowing runners to maintain pace further into their marathon road races. The combination of the carbon plate and the cushioning makes for a unique and effective ride that is both fast and comfortable.


You know I’m a heart throb for a great decoupled groove! That’s what you are served up in the Hoka Rocket X 2. With durabraion rubber strategically placed under the heel and forefoot, you’re sure to get hundreds of fast training miles out of this outsole. The durabraion rubber really makes a difference in the lifespan of the shoe. I’m pleasantly surprised with the overall durability of the midsole and outsole after the testing. Shining through the outsole is that beautiful carbon fiber plate, thanks to the decoupled groove design. One of the mantras for Hoka’s high performance shoe designers is, “everything you need, nothing you don’t.” Meaning, get the great understep experience in place for marathon runners around the world, but take away any extra material you just don’t need. You will see this mantra play out perfectly on the outsole of the Rocket X 2.

Would I Buy This Shoe Again?

To wrap it up, the Hoka Rocket X 2 is an excellent marathon racing shoe that delivers on its promises of speed, comfort, and durability. It is a great option for runners who are looking to improve their race times while also enjoying a comfortable and snappy ride understep. The price point is no joke at $250, but consider it an investment in a dream, rather than a shoe. The ability to perform your best on the starting line after a 3-4 month training block is priceless. And yes, I would absolutely buy this shoe again for fast marathon workouts too!



  • Drop: 5mm
  • Stack: 36mm / 31mm
  • Weight: 6.8 oz / 195 g
    Mens (Size 9) – 8.3oz / 235g
    Womens (Size 8) – oz / g
  • Upper: Synthetic mesh
  • Midsole: Profly X
  • Durometer Shore C: 34 
  • Outsole: Durabrasion rubber

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  • Material: Synthetic Mesh
  • Tongue: Double gusset


  • Material: ProFly X (PEBA Foam) w/ Carbon Fiber Plate
  • Durometer Shore C: 34


  • Material: Durabrasion rubber
  • Feature: Decoupled groove

Commissions earned through the Running Warehouse Affiliate links help support this channel’s content creation.