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Talk about a running shoe curve ball for 2022, I’m SHOCKED at the ASICS Noosa Tri 14. Year to date, it’s holding down the highest running shoe score in the Shoedio, and its not even really close. I keep asking myself, “how did ASICS design and produce such a lightweight road running shoe with so much delicious-padding-goodness stuffed into the upper?” A daily trainer that can pick up the paces in 2022! 


Let’s look under the hood of this traditionally triathlete focused running shoe. That’s right, this shoe is made for triathelets, the folks who swim, bike AND RUN! Well, step aside three sport athletes, the runners are coming for your sock-like fitting road running shoe. In my size (7.5 US) you’re looking at an incredible 6.8 ounces (196 g), coupled with that 5 mm sweet-spot-drop in the Flytefoam midsole. 

The engineered mesh upper decided to go back and marry the 1990s fluorescent colorways; the Grateful Dead called, the band wants their running shoes back! They want their running shoes back because you’re looking at THE BEST heel counter I’ve ever seen on a road running shoe. Trust me, the Hoka Mach 5 is special with the “achilles tendon hug,” but the Noosa Tri 14 takes the cake with respect to comfort and heel lock down in that pocket; yes, I would run in this shoe without socks.

 On top of a special heel counter, the entire collar (what wraps around the ankle) has just the write amount of padding built in. It’s not a plush upper, border line plush (high cushion), but it creates a sock like fit that is the best for me in 2022. Don’t forget, all of this comfort is delivered in a package under 7 ounces! I could go on about this upper, but you get the gist. 


The middle of the shoe, the good stuff, is not doing a dance through the twist test. The Flytefoam creates a nice gentle guide through the footstrike. This is not a midsole that is going to break down after 300 miles. The Guidesole™ technology reduces your ankle flexion in your gait cycle which alleviates fatigue on leg muscles and absolutely increases your efficiency. With the shore C durometer on the midsole foam, we were getting 46-48 in the testing. Usually I prefer low-40s for the durometer testing but that type of score lends itself to better durability in your daily miles. Is it the best energy return for a midsole in 2022? Not quite. Nevertheless, the guidesole tech is snappy enough to help you enjoy many miles at a variety of paces, whether it’s tempo or steasy; durability prediction landed at 500 miles thanks to that midsole and well-constructed upper. Last point, the thumb test in that midsole threw the thumbs back at me, another good sign.


When you need a little grip on some wet roads, whether rain or sleet, the ASICS High Abrasion Rubber plus (AHAR+) is second to none. Thankfully the outsole is not plastered to the brim with AHAR+. ASICS places this tacky rubber in just the right spots for grip and push off power through the footstrike. My only idea for the ASICS Noosa Tri 15 is a decouple groove through that heel and into the midfoot, bring a little of that Novablast trampoline goodness into the TRI world, I mean the running world.

Global Running Shoe Experience 

Brett from South Africa shared these photos in the ASICS Noosa Tri 14 after 200 miles of road running.

Would I Buy This Shoe Again?

Are you sitting down DGR? ONE HUNDRED 30 dollars!!!! I know, it is not $99, or $120, but in the current economic conditions, that is an incredible price point. The fact that this shoe is so well built, and will absolutely get you through at least 400 miles of training, I put the $130 price point at a 9/10 on the scoring scale. Great job ASICS keeping this price point in check, which I think could easily increase with future iterations. By now you can easily guess that yes indeed I would buy the ASICS Noosa Tri 14 once again, and probably 2 extra pairs for good measure.



  • Drop: 5mm
  • Stack: 30mm / 25mm
  • Weight: 6.9 oz / 197 g
    Mens (Size 9) – 7.6oz / 215g
    Womens (Size 8) – 7.1oz / 201g
  • Upper: Engineered Mesh Upper with improved breathability
  • Midsole: Flytefoam

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Commissions earned through the Running Warehouse Affiliate links help support this channel’s content creation.