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The Long Run! What a nice step forward for the ASICS GlideRide line up! Welcome to the running shoe year of dual-density-midsole-foams. Any running shoe that lands in the 8s for the SHOEDIO scoring system is a great shoe, and the ASICS GlideRide 3 comes in at 8.15. ASICS really stepped up their game with this iteration from the second. I suspect that ASICS is going all in on this line up as THE long run shoe for the roads moving forward, even more so than the ASICS Novablast line. 


The upper on the ASICS GlideRide 3 is superb, plush feel, and especially around the ankle. Jacquard mesh is in that toebox, which is a nice stitching pattern for road running shoes. The heel counter has a nice stout feel, creating an an excellent lockdown through the footstrike, resulting in no lateral movement. I often overlook the lateral slipping that might occur in the heel pocket, but thankfully remembered it in this full review, and it simply isn’t happening in the GlideRide 3. ASICS beefed up the entire collar, heel counter, heel tab, and inner wall to provide comfort and complete lockdown. 

For the tongue of the ASICS GlideRide 3, they opted for the semi-gusset, nailed it! There is the ideal amount of padding on that tongue, so the laces react well between the lacing of the eyelet chain and the tongue. I did not feel the laces on the top of my feet while running. Runner’s knot was superb, and the laces are long enough! Quick note, not overtly breathable through the toebox, but I never felt over heated in the hot summer months of training. With regards to fit, I lean in the direction of a slightly narrow feel through the toebox. The forefoot did not feel like there was a ton of toe splaying happening inside the toebox.


A MAJOR theme across the entire running shoe landscape in 2022 was definitely the explosion of dual-density midsole foams understep. The word got out quick that people enjoy a ride with varying durometer scores, and running shoe brands pounced! ASICS is no exception. FlyteFoam and FlyteFoam Blast+ will welcome your feet to the ground through the personal gait cycles of runners around the world in the ASICS GlideRide 3. This midsole feel is not soft. This is not the New Balance Rebel v3, in fact the opposite. However, that GUIDESOLE technology beneath your feet is simply a gift after 13 miles, 18 miles, or 22 miles in those marathon long runs. You will feel the benefit of ASICS tech in the midsole, allowing your ankle to relax a bit after the thousands of steps on your long runs. Specifically, ASICS is designing this shoe to reduce your ankle flexion and promote a more responsive toe-off, which I felt in the 50+ miles of testing! The geometric shape of that midsole is something special, and I cannot wait to test out the ASICS GlideRide 4 in 2023. Lastly, this midsole has a stable feel, definitely not squishy. 

The big long run shoe question of 2022 is this: Would I opt for the Saucony Triumph 20 or the ASICS GlideRide 3? That’s tough! For the final scoring, Triumph wins the day. Really the only reason I’d buy the Triumph 20 over the GlideRide 3 is an ever so slightly better energy return. However, if you’re hoping for more mileage and footstrike guidance in your long run shoe, certainly pick up the GlideRide 3, it is going to go and go and go!


Can you spell decoupled groove? Groovy outsole ASICS, just perfection! They nailed the outsole of the ASICS GlideRide 3. That “trampoline effect” that we all came to love in the ASICS Novablast line up appears again for the GlideRide. I felt in control through the footstrike and as mentioned above, the toeoff through this outsole is on point. Really no complaints about the bottom of this road running shoe, in fact, I wonder how they could improve upon it in the next iteration…

Would I Buy This Shoe Again?

100% buy again! This road running shoe broke into the 8s for the third iteration because ASICS went the extra mile in the upper, midsole, and outsole design. Opting for FlyteFoam Blast+ midsole foam just below the sock liner really sets this long run shoe apart from many others, except perhaps the Saucony Triumph 20. With running shoe prices always dropping after their release, I would definitely go buy this shoe again for the 2-hour plus runs in a half marathon or marathon build up. 



  • Drop: 6mm
  • Stack: 40mm / 34mm
  • Weight: 8.9 oz / 253 g
  • Mens (Size 9) – 9.4oz / 266g
    Womens (Size 8) – 8.1oz / 230g
  • Upper:  Enginered Mesh / Jacquard
  • Midsole: Flytefoam Blast+
  • Outsole: Ahar+

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  • Material: Enginered Mesh / Jacquard
  • Tongue: Semi-Gusset


  • Material: FFBlast and FFBlast+ with GUIDESOLE Technology
  • Durometer Shore C: 42


  • Material: AHAR+
  • Feature: Decoupled Groove

Commissions earned through the Running Warehouse Affiliate links help support this channel’s content creation.